Edward Gallagher was his proctor: an interview with Jason Murchison, SEAL class 287

Before we begin, if you’re not completely familiar with the story of Gallagher, I suggest that you begin here : “A Murder Trial That Tore Band of Brothers Apart”

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There has been a lot of speculation, allegation, and rhetoric about the US Military and the secretive US Navy SEAL’s in today’s media. 


In celebration of the 4th of July, I sat down to speak with one man who had gone through portions of the SEAL training and was able to get an in-depth “gonzo style” interview with one SEAL who is becoming infamous for his alleged war crimes.  Jason Murchison was a member of BUDs class 287, a.k.a. basic under water demolition class. It is the first training pipeline for those who wish to become a Navy SEAL. 

Murchison’s proctor was Edward Gallagher, an officer 1st class at the time who rose to the rank of Chief in the SEAL teams. Gallagher has been accused of murdering a young ISIS captive who was a prisoner of war (P.O.W.) at the time seeking medical treatment.


The transcript of the interview:


RuralJournal: Hi Jason, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Given that you have had a closer than relationship than the “average joe”, I’m sure you’ll be able to shed some light on this situation. Let’s start with this, how long were you in the US Navy?

Murchison: I was in the Navy a bit over a year according to my DD214.

RuralJournal: A year? Okay. How long is training?

Murchison: The part I went through was 6 months, but typically the oeerall training pipeline lasts two years.

RuralJournal: Did you complete your training?

At this point, Murchison began to smile and chuckles to himself.

Murchison: Unfortunately, I did not. There was one major obstacle in my way that didn’t want me to.

RuralJournal: What sort of obstacle would that be?

Murchison: Something I could only describe as a “psychopathic dwarf, hell bent on destruction that was the product of PTSD and a small man’s complex”

RuralJournal: Oh really? Did that “psychopathic dwarf” have a name?

Murchison: Yeah, his name was instructor Gallagher. My proctor in BUD/s class 287.

RuralJournal: I take it you weren’t a fan of Gallagher’s.

Murchison: It wasn’t a question of liking the man. It was the series of events that led to him and I being seperated on a beach and my future career being completely dissasembled.

RuralJournal: Can you describe what happened?

Murchison: Gallagher thought I was sleeping under a boat.

RuralJournal: Can you elaborate on that?

Murchison: We do this training evolution called “rock portage”. It’s basically landing a small rubber boat with a few other team members against a rock jetty. This evolution is at night, and the purpose is to put students in a stressful situation where they have to succesfully land as a team unit. It didn’t seem like it had any real-world application in today’s modern warfighting environment, rather, it was a tradition passed down from early UDT units that taught us the way it used to be. Well, after my boat crew succesfully landing our boat, we had a race with the other crews out there. Whoever as top 3 got to take a little break. We stumbled in at 3rd place and were given a slight rest for a few minutes while the rest of the class got their 5th round of “surf torture” that day. Instructors got bored with my boat crew, so they decided to make us work in bits by monotonously giving us commands of up boat, and down boat. They then decided to make us hold the boat in the extended arm position. I was really bearing down and gritting my teeth holding the boat, as I’m not much of a weight lifter at 155 lbs. So, I started closing my eyes and getting “in the zone”. Flashes of light are coming up at me, and I begin to think I’m hallucinating a bit. But, to my chagrin, it was instructor Gallagher on his hands and knees like a pitbull shining a little flashlight at me. He screams that I am asleep under the boat while I’m still holding this water craft over my head. I respectfully told him I wasn’t, but before I could finish the sentence, he grabbed me by the life vest I was wearing and slammed me to the ground. This maniac started punching my chest where the vest was, and I reacted as any Jiu Jitsu player would. I began putting my feet around him in the half guard and went up to grab his lapel to choke him. He actually looked a bit scared when this happened, and then we were sereparted by three other instrucotrs who said I was going to die. I wasn’t scared, but I knew this was going to be a rough-time-going after this event. I had to prepare myself mentaly for a series of beat downs for the days to come.

RuralJournal: Wow. So what happened next? Did you get “beat down”?

Murchison: Oh yeah, they came after me hard that night saying they should have killed me and punched me in the face instead of the vest. The next morning, we had some 2-mile swim and they made me fill up my dive mask with sand and salt water and bear crawl on the beach for 20 minutes before we even swam.

RuralJournal: That seems absolutely ridiculous to me, this must be when you left?

Murchison: Ha, no! I made them even more mad by staying around. They thought they could break me, but I broke them. It was a game we played for a few more weeks until they had enough and dropped me for “performance reasons”. It was politics. Gallagher got embaressed and he had a reputation to maintain as a real hard ass. This guy, may I remind you, might be 5’6 with ladies heel’s on, and guy’s that are small have already been picked on their entire lives. Some overcompenstate by becoming cops, military members, psycho’s, or in this situation, a combination of both. I was raised by a cop, I know their mental weakness and tendancy towards violence.

RuralJournal: “Eddie Gallagher” may just be the most famous SEAL in the world right now, do you know why?

Murchison: Yeah, because he murdered a child… What a tough and patriotic guy, huh? The “ISIS Warlord” he killed wasn’t even 18 and was incapacitated on a breathing tube. Eddie is such a dunce he had his crimes covered up by another criminal: LT Jacob Portier: an ENS when I was in class 287 and a steroid user whom was investigated by NCIS and only got away with it because his father is a high-ranking SEAL. The SEAL teams are so dirty I had no idea why I wanted to be one knowing what I know now. They kill eachother, innocent combatants, and usually get away with it. Well, Eddie got away with murder again, and it doesn’t suprise me. That isn’t a hero to aspire to be as Hollywood has made so many false narratives about the SEAL’s. They aren’t heroes, they are trained to be terrorits in other foreign countries. I was okay with that when I was there, but now I have to let people know the truth. I’m not scared to die from any of those team members because I know them and how soft most of them are… Egomaniacs and sociopaths.

RuralJournal: That’s an incredible and shocking story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Before you go, Jason… Having trained to be a SEAL, what do you do now that you’re not?

Murchison: I teach surf lessons. I use my skills in the water for a positive purpose. I started teaching while in law school and I continue to show people how to catch waves and be safe in the ocean.

RuralJournal: Well, that definately sounds like it would go hand in hand. Water safety is water safety, I suppose! What’s the name of your company?

Murchison: “Learn To Surf” you can find us at

RuralJournal: That’s pretty brave of you to put that out there.

Murchison: Well, it’s the truth. I’m assuming I’ll probably get a lot of “operators in the military” calling me soon disagreeing with my statements.

RuralJournal: Maybe! What do you think they’d tell you if they called?

Murchison: They’ll probably say that I wasn’t training with class 287 or that I’m some sort of fraud, but it’s all good. I posted my DD214 on my website It’s all there, folks.

RuralJournal: So what happens to Gallagher and you now?

Murchison: I hope a civilian court prosecutes him next, his 1st military trial was a farce. I’ll be there to tell the true story of the man, and if he wants to visit me someday, I’ll finish what we started on the beach back in January, 2011.


End of transcript


Thank you, Jason Murchison for taking the time to interview with me. This is truly a fascinating story, and it has been a priveledge for to have been a part of it.

You can find Jason Murchison at his surfing lesson’s website:







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