Confirmed Measles diagnosis in Butte, Placer,and more.

“Cases of confirmed Measles in California have more than doubled in the last week” says the state health department.

“Almost all new cases were from the greater Sacramento region”

Dr. Brett Lawrence, Infectious Disease Direction of the Sutter Medical Center stated “I mean, we already have over 350 cases so far this year. On average, we have less than 200, if not even less than 50 cases for a whole year in the past decade”.

The potentially severe nature of measles means it should be taken seriously, says Lawrence.


Courtesy of CNN Wire

“It potentially can be more severe than chicken pox, one to two out of every thousand people infected with measles will die.”

There are 17 confirmed cases in California, 10 are which are within a two-hour drive of Sacramento. These cases are in Butte, Calaveras, Shasta, Placer, an Tehama counties.

A possible measles infection was also reported Thursday in Stanislaus County.

At least three cases have been linked to unvaccinated people, or those without proper vaccination documentation, though that’s not to say unvaccinated peoples are the issue.

However, Lawrence says “The only people who should not get vaccinated for measles are those with severe immune problems that can’t have a live virus vaccine”.

Doctors warn that measles is highly infection and can live in the air for two hours after an infected person has been there.

 (Please note that the views expressed by Dr.Brett Lawrence are his professional opinion, and in no way reflect’s stance on any particular issue.)

Measles outbreak map from

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