Coffee thief booked into Yuba County Jail for hatecrime faces trial

John Crain was booked into Yuba County Jail Back in February following a hate charged assault on a 7-11 employee in Marysville, California, resulting in the charges of assault, theft, and hate crime.

Around 2 am Wednesday morning, Crain entered the 7-11, located on 9th St., and filled a cup of coffee. He then attempted to walk out without paying. Noticing that John had not paid, the employee confronted him, resulting in Crain throwing his hot coffee at the clerk and hitting him in the face.

Surveillance video helped police get a description of John.

Upon John’s arrest later that day, whilst potentially fleeing from a separate incident where he was a suspect, he had admitted his hate for Muslims, stating that he believed the employee to be one.

It has been confirmed that the employee is not a Muslim, but a Sikh.

John Crain is facing trial this week.

Photo courtesy of the Marysville Police Department

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  1. I hope this person goes to jail for a very long time and is put into a cell with the biggest, meanest, hairiest, worst smelling guy in the cell block for a very long time.

    We certainly don’t need this type of nonsense in my Sikh Brothers sure don’t need this type of treatment either.

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